The team @ anzuk deliver an amazing service to education facilities across the globe. This service is underpinned by a strong connection with our values and drives the team collective to achieve amazing outcomes on a daily basis. It’s been very enjoyable working back through this values set and sharing them across the anzuk community. Today I take a closer look at Growth, which is a constant in so many ways across every anzuk team member:

Mindset; always looking to find solutions, open to possibilities, not being limited by obstacles and always remaining optimistic

Dynamic relationships; built on trust and respect that enable us to challenge each other and not get offended, this includes the ability to challenge, support/guide teammates and relying on each other to be there

Be the better you;  encouraging all our team members to be the best version of themselves, enhancing all their strong points, whilst remaining driven and open to change/challenge

Having conviction; believing in what you do, whilst developing others and pushing yourself to evolve

Advancement;  achieving and learning each and every day, being inquisitive and invested in what you do and exploring the impact we can have on the community