So, you’ve made the choice to do some teaching in England – well done! You’ve probably also heard a lot about how expensive it is to live in London…..If the figure at the bottom of your bank statement does not fill you with confidence, you may be wondering…..How much money do I actually need to make it to the UK and get settled in?

The good news is: it’s not as much as you think!

As a rule of thumb, we recommend the minimum figure to travel to teach in England is $5000 – that’s Aussie dollars, not British pounds.

If you can get $10,000 -great. If you can get $20,000 even better but unless you’re planning an extensive holiday you really won’t need much more than that.

If you’re arriving in the summer and have $10,000 this gives you a good buffer zone of about 4-6 weeks before you need to start work and worry about getting some money coming in.

To be honest nearly all Aussie & Kiwi teachers start working within 2 weeks anyway, especially if you’re arriving in January so unless you’re partying like Charlie Sheen you won’t hit the end of your $5k before then.

Let’s break it down over a 4- week period:


The most expensive thing you’ll have to layout when you arrive is accommodation; generally your first month’s rent up front for a long term rental.

If you’re living in a flat in London (let’s say £700 per month for your room) you’ll be up for £700 for the first month of rent upfront – that’s about $1400 straight away – but let’s round it up to $1500 just to be sure.

On top of that chuck on about $500-$1000 for your temporary accommodation in a hostel/Air BnB and that brings it up to $2500 just for accommodation.


Contrary to popular belief, groceries and the general cost of living in London is actually cheaper than Australia!

We’d budget around £30 a day for food and drink; this covers groceries, some eating out & going for a drink every other night when you first arrive so we’re not scrounging here! No 2-minute noodles and baked beans for dinner!!

TOTAL: approx $1000


Essentials like stuff for your new flat (linen, kitchen supplies etc) (about $200)

Play tourist – visiting all the cheesy landmarks when you first arrive! (say $100)

Transport – loading up your Oyster card or buying train & bus tickets ($150 will cover you for a few weeks) You might want to buy a car?

Loading up your SIM card (which we give you before you go) with some credit ($50 will last a while!)

TOTAL: approx $500


There you go! $5000 will last you a minimum of 4 weeks without scrimping too hard on budgets. Anything more than $5000 just gives you a longer buffer and a bigger safety net, however for those teachers struggling to save then you can feel confident travelling to England with only $5000 in your bank account.


If you are interested in making the move to the UK, click here for more information and to get in touch!