(You don’t need to be a day dreamer to teach and satisfy wanderlust)


Dear Miss F,

I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed being in your geography class. I hope you remember me. I’m the one who was always staring wistfully out the classroom window. You called me “Dreamy Dan”. I’d always hoped it was for my good looks but I guess it was more to do with my essays about travelling to new places.


Anyway, I thought you’d also be interested in my own journey since leaving school. As you may remember, I also wanted to pursue a career in education and you’ll be pleased to hear I, too, became a geography teacher after graduating from the University of Brighton.


I was lucky enough to gain a position with a school in the city and eventually gained my QTS. From a personal perspective that was great. During uni and then working in the area gave me the great opportunity to explore the beaches and nearby coastlines.


However, I must admit I started to get itchy feet again! I wanted to see more and teach more in different places.


That was when I was introduced to anzuk, the agency that can place teachers with a huge network of schools throughout the UK. I told them about myself and they recommended contract roles. And they’ve been fantastic in finding me work.


After Brighton, in the last five years, I have worked in:

  • Surrey – and the natural beauty of its magnificent hills.
  • Berkshire – those chalk ridgeways, meandering rivers, and downs.
  • Essex – I know! But there was a girl I was seeing
  • Hertfordshire – trekking many miles along the countryside footpaths.
  • London – and now I’m in the capital.


So, my travels as a teacher have – mostly – been great and it’s all thanks to anzuk. And you, of course! They also have a nifty mobile app call ready Ready2Work which gives non-staff teachers the best chance of receiving regular work.

And I was alerted to a new guide anzuk have just produced:

The Teachers’ Survival Guide – and how to succeed in your career
Download now


It’s a really good read. You might find it to be useful, too. I know you have done well but, if you feel like a change, it may open your eyes to other options and new opportunities.

You might even fancy travelling like me? As you’ll see, I haven’t even left the UK; not even for holidays yet. However, anzuk are also experts in placing teachers overseas, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

Who knows, I may write to you again from Alice Springs!


Anyway. Thank you again for helping me on the start of this journey.


Best wishes,

“Dreamy” Dan


PS: Don’t forget “The Teachers’ Survival Guide”!
Download now