Meet Huw Jones from our Wales branch!

Name? Huw Jones

Nickname? Jonesy

Year joined? 2019

What is your current role? Regional Director

What was your journey like getting to this role? Qualified as a teacher 1998, started my recruitment journey as a consultant in 2002. Developed recruitment career with two previous companies to senior leadership level. Met Ben (UK Director) a year or two before joining anzuk, and the vision and culture at anzuk got me hooked immediately, so I made it my short-term goal to join the company and play my part in anzuk’s growth….which I achieved in 2019!

Favourite podcast? The High Performance Podcast

Favourite book? ‘Playing the Moldovans at Tennis’ by Tony Hawks (about a comedian that set himself the audacious challenge of playing the entire 11 players of the Moldovan football team at tennis after they lost 4-0 to England in a football match – hilarious and inspirational)

Favourite quote? Control the controllables. Don’t sweat the rest.

Fun fact about you? I taught Wayne Rooney when he was 11 years old

Favourite country to visit? Italy – if I wasn’t Welsh, I’d want to be Italian