My biggest piece of advice when moving to London is…. BE A YES PERSON!

Like many other Aussies and Kiwis, I moved over to London solo. It can be a daunting thought, especially if you haven’t visited London before and especially if you’re fresh out of university like I was! As daunting as it is, you need to remember that there are stacks of other people moving over in similar circumstances to yourself. Just by saying YES, I have put myself out of my comfort zone grown personally and professionally and met some lifelong friends along the way.

I found that there is a real community spirit within anzuk. Through various events, anzuk has created a strong network of teachers; many of whom live, travel and teach together.
As part of this community, anzuk has affiliations with a number of sporting and travel companies that support this community spirit.

Social events: anzuk host awesome parties at the end of every term. They put a tab on the bar and teachers let their hair down after their last day of school! My advice… SAY YES!
anzuk host a number of other events throughout the year which is communicated through their Facebook. My advice… JUST GO!

Professional development: The induction evenings that are held at the anzuk London office will get you ready for your first day of school. The sessions are run by ex-teachers who now work in the office and will provide you with all the info you need to know. It is an open forum and crowd participation is encouraged. There are also online webinars about twice a term. They are free and are extremely valuable. My advice… SAY YES!

Sport: AFL and rugby are certainly not my areas of expertise, however after attending a few games I found that I had bought into the Aussie/Kiwi/British sporting culture. The Wandsworth Demons and the West Warriors have a long-standing relationship with anzuk and many of our teachers play with these teams.
For netballers, the Demonettes play competitively, or if you want to play socially, just jump on Facebook pages like Aussies in London and sign up with a random team!

Travel: I’ve been fortunate enough to travel extensively across Europe during my time.
I went to Morocco during the February half-term break and most of the people on the tour were teachers which made for a very tight-knit group of friends who I still see today.
Travel Talk Tours gave me an extra 5% discount on top of the already amazing deal just for working with anzuk! One of the other teachers I met on the trip had actually won her trip at an anzuk party!
anzuk is also affiliated with Topdeck, Haggis Adventures and a bunch of other companies, so ask the office for a promo code and save yourself some hard-earned pennies!

Time flies in London. Before you know it, your visa is up and you’re packing your bags to go home. Go to the parties, book a trip on a whim, join a club!
Make the most of this once in a lifetime adventure and BE A YES PERSON!