In this blog we are going to cover tips for purchasing everything and anything you may need on arrival! When you move into a share house, it should be ‘fully furnished’. It’s just the little things that you may forget about that are key to making your set up in the UK as smooth as possible. Speaking from experience I know it is not comfortable sleeping with rolled up t-shirts and shorts in a sleeping bag case as a pillow!


Below is a list of the best shops to purchase the essentials…


  • Call it our K-Mart – This is a one stop shop for all your needs at ridiculously cheap prices. I found this to the best place for things such as Pillows, duvets, towels, clothing bins, homely items, clothing and all the little knick-knacks to liven up your home. 

TK Maxx 

  • Very good deals  You will find those well-known brands at TK maxx, they have last season’s items and are all on sale!. This was one of my favorite places to shop for clothing, kitchen appliances, toiletries – you name it they’ve got it. Check out the site and see all it can offer.  


  • Shopping at Argos is an experience! Idraws you from the moment you enter as you are given an Ipad and use this to navigate the store list and place your orders. If your purchase is in stock they then bring it up from the factory below and you can take it homeAlternatively they have same day delivery for ONLY £4!. Argos is great for beds, mattresses, bedroom furniture, shoe racks, storage items and so much more! 


  • Poundland is like ‘the reject shop’ of the UK where you can pick up many well known brands for only one Quid! This store is great for purchasing stationery, crafts, toiletries, candles, washing powders, party goods, food & drink and plenty more.