As a global company, we are extremely lucky to have offices in amazing locations around Australia, the UK, and LA. No matter the distance or time zone between offices, we pride ourselves on our ‘one team’ culture.

Whilst each office has different work requirements and structures, different successes and challenges, what remains constant is our culture. I recently visited our London office for a couple of days and immediately felt at home (or should I say, at work). The values, team-work, support and friendship that surrounded me was a mirror of what I experience every day in Melbourne.

For anzuk, ‘one team’ means providing the same service across all offices globally. It means working collaboratively together to ensure we share the same purpose, vision and values. It means continuously striving to strengthen the relationships between all offices to build on this shared culture, and what better way to do so than by encouraging employees to embrace global opportunities.

Recently we have seen some of our Education Consultants take their career journey from Melbourne to the UK, others from the UK to LA, and we are really excited to have two of our UK consultants joining us in Melbourne soon! Not to mention those that have opened themselves up to opportunities around Australia in our inter-state offices.

I am grateful to work for a global company with a ‘one team’ culture and I am excited to continue to develop and build on this as we expand as a company.