We are very proud of all of our a-team members for the way their lasting and true relationships are built which is pivotal in how we impact exceptional experiences for the learners of today.

Below is how I would capture our value of Relationships:

Environment; Enhancing your team environment through being present and remaining there for your teammates professionally and personally. Open to vulnerability and actually getting to know colleagues, educators and clients on a personal level.

Trust; Building trust through doing what you say you are going to do, whilst conducting yourself in a genuine and caring manner.

Awareness; Understanding that building authentic relationships is the most important and rewarding part of our roles.  Strong legitimate professional relationships are built on why you do what you do and how you go about that.

No fear; Communicating in an open and confident way, understanding each other’s perspective in the right way….and not being afraid to do this.

Influence; Our teams are stacked with genuinely invested people, positively driven to impact the community every day – that is a strong position from which relationships are built.