While my peers suggested that heading to the UK to teach directly following graduation may not be the best idea in the world – I was pretty invested in making the move regardless. Experience was not a prerequisite whereas enthusiasm and a healthy dose of wanderlust was preferred.

After doing the Summer Camp USA/Canadian Ski Resort double I spent four weeks holidaying in England before heading home to complete my Dip Ed. I’d been ravaged by the travel bug and knew without a doubt that teaching in the UK was on my radar. Following registration with the agency I managed to secure a three month role at a secondary school in North London starting in Jan.

Armed with a few resources under my belt and a heap of enthusiasm to begin my first paid teaching job I lobbed over to London on the big tin bird and threw myself into the classroom. Two years later my CV boasted experience in over 40 schools across North east London (both private/public, primary/secondary, single-sex/co-ed and SEN settings).

During my teaching adventure I managed to visit a plethora of countries around Europe, festivals, sporting events and also made some really solid friendships. Alas, it was time to come home and fortunately Aussie Principals rate International Teaching experience highly. I managed to walk into an ongoing role being the only applicant with International experience.

Teaching in the UK can open so many doors and offers numerous opportunities not necessarily available in Australian settings. Secondary trained educators can teach Primary cohorts, SEN settings will invite most teachers into their classrooms regardless of experience or qualifications, and leadership roles with responsibility are often held by young teachers in British classrooms.

Outside of the professional practice and progression there is a plethora of activities and adventures to complement your time abroad – it would be difficult to find yourself bored at anytime. What a time to be alive!