Thank you to everyone that completed our biannual survey, we are very grateful for the feedback.  With over 265 schools and 1400 educator responses, this provides us with invaluable information that we will use to ensure we are continually improving our service to your school and our educators.


There were two key areas that you identified for improvement. The first was improving the consistency of educators in your school and the second was increased professional development to improve educator competency.

To address educator consistency, we are currently investing heavily into our technology, specifically the Ready2Book portal to give you increased control over viewing your preferred educators’ availability. This will improve the consistency of educators at your school and allow for greater transparency.

In addition, after our last biannual survey, I mentioned that our Replace Me app was in the process of being completed. We now have schools trialing this app. The aim is to reduce the time you spend managing staff absence and give greater consistency within grade and subject areas.

These initiatives are not only designed to improve the consistency of educators but to ensure that they are both informed and prepared, which we know are key ingredients to success in the classroom.

In the professional development space, opportunities for our educators will become more targeted and accessible. We will increase the number available online and hold others in more varied geographical areas.

Earlier in the year we held our Graduate Teacher Conference which drew over 70 graduate teachers. They enjoyed a full day of professional development, tailored to helping them succeed when entering the classroom independently, for the first time. Given the success of this day, we can see progress has already been made in this area.

This year our professional development sessions will be complemented by a series of workshops. These workshops will focus on the key areas for development that have been highlighted in your responses and benefit educators. Take up for our PD has been very positive so far and our schedule begins in earnest as of March with the first of our workshops due to be released late March.

We are very pleased that 95% of you agree you feel well supported by the team at anzuk. We look forward to using your feedback to continually guide and prioritise what we focus on this year and aim to see that number at 100% in the next survey.