Many graduates are keen to head to the UK straight away after graduation. We commonly get asked: Can I go to the UK immediately after graduation? And secondly, should I go to the UK immediately after qualifying?

Let’s look at the first question:

· The good news is YES! – you can go to the UK and teach immediately after you have graduated. anzuk does need to see your ORIGINAL final academic transcript but once you’ve provided this; you’re good to go!

· You do not need your full teacher registration before you go to the UK, provisional registration is fine.

· Overseas trained teachers (including provisionally registered) can teach for up to 5 years in England without requiring the UK Qualified Teacher Status.

· Without UK QTS, you will be classified as an “unqualified teacher”. However, this does not affect your ability to teach and with anzuk you will not be paid as an “unqualified teacher” as we pay in accordance with your experience and skills.

· In order to be recognised as a qualified teacher in the UK you will need to obtain your QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

· If you have full teaching registration in Australia or New Zealand, you can get mutual recognition to obtain UK QTS. If not, you will need to go through overseas teacher training.

· Once you have gained QTS, you will become a Newly Qualified Teacher, and your training will continue for one year (also known as probationary period).

· Once you have your QTS you are then eligible for performance reviews and potential pay rises.

· However, Gaining QTS is really only beneficial if you plan to stay in the UK for longer than your 2-year Youth Mobility Visa.

· All teachers and support staff looking to live and work in Wales will need to obtain registration with the Welsh Education Workforce Council.

Okay so let’s turn our attention to the second question, should I go to the UK immediately after qualifying or is it best to get some experience at home first?

· Due to the teacher shortage in the UK there is a lot of work available for teachers. Australian and New Zealand teachers especially are highly sought after so do not think that as a graduate you may not get much work in the UK. In fact, it’s the opposite. If you are flexible, your work options are unlimited.

· Also, don’t panic about your lack of experience in the classroom. Whether you’re a graduate in Australia or the UK, your skills are transferable and fundamentally teaching in both countries is the same.

· Moreover, teaching overseas in the UK will accelerate your skills as a teacher. You will gain confidence rapidly from being exposed to new and exciting classrooms.

· The experience of living and working in another country will also enable you to grow as a person and you will come back to Australia as a well-rounded teacher.

· Teaching in the UK increases your employability when you get back home too as Australian Principals think very highly of teachers who have experience in the UK making it a very good career move.

· Being able to travel as soon as possible after uni is an amazing opportunity and again a great career move if you don’t want to take a break from your career at a later stage.


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