Best Areas to Live in Sydney

When you are new to Sydney, finding a place to live can seem like a daunting task. We’ve put together an area guide to help you find a great place to live. All of our advice here is first hand – from other international educators and anzuk staff that have made the move, just like you.

A few things to keep in mind…

  1. Once you’re there, really make it your priority to get on these Facebook pages & Spareroom and get out there to check out houses and meet potential housemates. It’s super important you find a place that’s the right fit for you, so it’s a task best done in person!
  2. There are loads of options, all over Sydney, all of the time! Sydney has an ever revolving door of expats – other like minded people moving in and out of share houses all the time. So you’re bound to find a house with housemates on the same page as you & most likely make some really good mates too.
  3. We recommend short term accommodation to start with. There are always people posting about short leasing in groups such as Poms in Sydney or Irish Around Sydney Facebook group. Have a look at Airbnb or Hostels as well.

Take a look at this detailed guide of some of our favourite areas to live in Sydney.

Sydney Area Guide (2022)