Teaching in three different schools in the United Kingdom provided me with a lot of memorable experiences. Many that developed me into a better all-round educator. But the experience I am going to share, is one of my most memorable moments when teaching in London.  

Its Snowing In London! 

Hearing that it was going to snow in London I was a bit dubious about the amount of snowfall we would be getting. Waking up to a foot deep of snow I was not disappointed. Leaving home on my regular journey I set on my fixie bike peddling my heart out, just so I can drag my feet in the snow and take that perfect gram. I should have thought about how dangerous this was, but I was having to much fun! 

When arriving to school I was very pleased to find the other teachers begging each other to use all the indoor areas. This cleared up the entire artificial pitch for myself and my Year 9 class. My students knew what was about to come when I walked into the changing room wearing my shorts, polo, gloves and beanie. I gave them the option to wear their jackets of course, but for the ones who didn’t have one, I was in the same boat, I was not going to make them go outside if I had six layers on, that’s just evil. To also soften the blow, we did not stick to the curriculum and we played a game of football (which the entire class loved – shock!), and I also said this was just going to be a 30min match instead of staying out there for the full 1.5 hours.  

I was so excited to be taking this lesson, I had to get involved, playing keeper for one team just to jump around in the snow. I was surprised to see another 30 students rushing outside to join our match. They must have seen how much fun we were having and wanted to join.  

But they came out for another reason, Mr Purse (in the left on the photo) had proposed a snowball fight. So as quality PE teachers do, we formulated a new game of the top of our heads which would keep all students involved and active even when they were ’out’ in the match. This was easily one of my most memorable PE lessons I have ever been involved in. We even stayed out there 1hour 15min. To keep the boss happy we discussed the physical effects that the cold has on the body during training.  

Obviously, I had to get a cheeky photo with Mr Purse post-match.  

Teaching in London Snowball fight

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