Our internal values at anzuk are something we are all very proud of. Living our shared beliefs allows us to create value for others, driving BE GREAT in all that we do. For this article series, I plan to focus on a different value each week, highlighting what it means to our team and myself.

So what is Team all about @ anzuk?

Trust and respect for each other; Expecting and believing that every one of our team members is driving towards the shared goal of positively impacting a students day in the classroom

Communication and support; Listening and talking to each other, providing guidance and direct feedback

Cross skill and share knowledge; Impacting those around you with an open mind and a thirst to be challenged

Showing empathy and being grateful; Teamwork through understanding the thoughts and feelings of each individual and taking the time to appreciate the work of those around you

Having fun together; Sharing a laugh, embracing our failures and moving forward with a smile on your face

Team underpins our value set, whilst this takes individual focus and accountability to truly achieve, we are nothing without those we trust around us.  The team is greater than the individual.

I look forward to sharing another anzuk value next week.

What does team mean to you or your organisation?