As a UK national living in Melbourne I can honestly say relocating overseas has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. While moving can seem a bit daunting there’s nothing quite like being immersed in a different culture and environment. Plus, there is no better way to grow and expand your personal and professional development than living and working abroad.  Teaching opportunities in the UK are plentiful, with so many options for you to gain experience in different roles and across a variety of schools or even choose to stay at one amazing school, either way, it’s great for your CV and experience in your educational career.  

The UK follows a ‘National Curriculum’ which involves Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4. You’ll find that although the terminology is different, for example, Prep in Australia is referred to as Year 1 in the UK it’s similar in more ways than one. Since arriving in Melbourne myself five months ago and working with anzuk education I’ve become accustomed to the Early Childhood sector and now refer to ‘Reception’ as Early Years and ‘Nursey’ as Kindergarten – too easy!  

Growing up in Cheshire, a county in northwest England, offered a great city and country life balance. Between its quaint towns and villages on the fringe of both Manchester and Liverpool and its high standard of schools this area is a great option. If like me you enjoy a bit of History or Science then a visit to Chester Zoo, Jodrell Bank and Quarry Bank Mill are worth a visit. Situated close to Manchester International Airport with easy access to metro links into Manchester City Centre and train links to London, the North West region offers plenty.  

As a former student of Manchester Met, I’ve experienced first-hand the city’s strong sporting, music and arts culture. There are football cities then there’s Manchester with its numerous dominant teams including Etihad Stadium which is home to Manchester City FC and Old Trafford home to Manchester United FC. So, if you’re a City or United fan then Manchester may be worth considering. It’s certainly a great place to explore museums including the Museum of Science and Industry, Peoples History Museum, National Football and the Imperial War Museum, to name a few.  Then there’s the Manchester art gallery and The Lowry with its intriguing art tours and musical performances at the Bridge Water Hall – the list is endless. While I was studying in Manchester, I always enjoyed visiting Manchester’s Christmas markets with its vibrant atmosphere and festive setups where you can eat, drink and shop – it really is a lively social place.  

I would highly recommend teaching abroad to any educator and in particular consider teaching in the UK if you’re looking for a variety of great experiences.  

*anzuk education will be opening our Manchester/Liverpool office late 2020