Setting up your UK SIM before you leave

So you’ve just made plans to make the journey of a lifetime, to teach & live in the UK.   

Naturally, there are probably a few things that now spring to mind to start getting organised.  

Visas, flights, bank accounts, accommodation & where to live, your favourite holiday plans, insurances, arranging a UK sim card & phone number, amongst many others!  

In this short blog. We’ll focus on helping you get your UK-sim card set up!  

Ideally, you want a SIM provider that’s easy to set up, even easier to use, doesn’t cost a lot & works not only in the UK, but allows you to travel Europe, without having to buy a new sim card in every country.  

We’ve partnered up with Giff Gaff to give you all that (& some more)! Luckily, with Giff Gaff, you can even set up your SIM card before you leave for your journey overseas.  

This is really handy if you have some Euro travels pre-planned before you get into the classroom or if you want to land on British soil & have your phone work on arrival. 

You just need to make sure your mobile phone is unlocked before you fly overseas, & then you can follow all the prompts with Giff Gaff. Feel free to follow the link below to check out how to get started. 

& see here for the breakdown of the Giff Gaff sim-only-deals available to you:  

Finally… don’t get to hashtag #goingawaywithanzuk all your photos/reels on Instagram once you touch down in Europe. See here for some details on our travel competition across 2023!!  


If you haven’t yet registered with anzuk please click on the following link & we can chat further about your work preferences. 

Teach in the UK with anzuk

Or, if you have any friends/peers who may be interested, we offer a $150 referral bonus following 10 days worked in the UK: 

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We look forward to speaking with you soon.