So you’re coming home?


Returning from an overseas experience is such a scary and exciting experience. Will everything be the same? Will it feel like I never left? How much have I changed since I’ve been away?

I felt so nervous about coming home after living and teaching in London because I was so unsure of what to expect. Coming home to a new job was also very daunting but never fear!


Here are some hot tips that helped me out when I came home:


  1. Be confident! It might feel like you’ve been away for too long to remember what you used to do but fake it until you make it. You’ll be surprised how quickly you settle back in.
  2. Use your experiences – especially at work. Things you’ve done, places you’ve visited and people you’ve met while you’ve been away will have added so much to your life. Use these experiences to be more creative and unique when making resources or planning lessons for your new class!
  3. Sleep! The first few days and weeks will all feel like a bit of a dream until you’re back in the same time frame as the rest of us. Try to get your sleep pattern on track so you don’t feel exhausted during the day – midday napping is not your friend!
  4. Grow from your teaching experiences. Living and teaching  abroad can have its challenges. Use those experiences to build some awesome behaviour management techniques you can use in the schools back home!
  5. Enjoy! Make sure you’re going out there every day with a positive attitude. Reflect on what’s going well and know that starting the day in an optimistic way will set you up for a fantastic day!