Want to teach in the UK and don’t have a visa? If you are Commonwealth citizen & have grandparents born in the UK, the Ancestry visa could be for you! 

What is an Ancestry Visa? 

The Ancestry visa allows you to go to the UK to work or study on a temporary basis and is open to Commonwealth citizens who have a grandparent who was born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.  

Applying for the Ancestry Visa 

  • You can apply if you are a Commonwealth citizen, a British overseas citizen, a British Overseas Territories citizen, a British national (overseas) or a citizen of Zimbabwe. 
  • There is no age restriction, and you can reapply for this visa.  
  • Must be able to prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. 
  • On the Ancestry visa you can work, study and bring your partner or child. 
  • You can apply 3 months before you travel. 
  • A UK Ancestry visa costs £531 and the Immigration Health Surcharge costs £3120. So currently, the total cost for the visa is roughly £3,651 

You must provide the following documents when you apply: 

  • A current passport (with a blank page for your visa) or another valid travel document 
  • Your full birth certificate 
  • The full birth certificates of the parent and grandparent your ancestry claim is based on 
  • Evidence that you’re planning to work in the UK, this could include job offers you have received or a business plan if you are self-employed. anzuk can provide you with a proof of employment letter.  
  • Evidence, such as bank statements, that prove you can support yourself and any dependents in the UK. These documents must be dated within 31 days from when you submit the application. 
  • Please note that the application to extend your Ancestry visa must be done before your current ancestry visa expires.

Benefits to teaching in the UK 

  • Meet new people through our organised social gatherings 
  • Travel around Europe while working 
  • anzuk education will support you through your journey whilst in the UK 
  • Experience working in a different setting while enriching your CV 

How can we help? 

  • We will assess your application and make sure that you have all the relevant information needed for your application to be successful. 
  • We will schedule your appointment 
  • Our Admin fee is only $99  
  • We will guide you through the whole process; from submitting your application, scheduling your visa appointment, to arriving in the UK and collecting your BRP card 

What are other visa options are available? 

  • If you don’t British Grandparents you may be eligible for the Youth Mobility Scheme visa, which our Visa Support Team can also help you apply for. For more info on the Ancestry visa, please click here. 
  • If you aren’t eligible for the YMS visa or the Ancestry visa, we may be able to assist with the process of securing a Skilled Worker Visa. This process is explained in the following blog. (Please note our Visa Support can’t assist with the application of this visa). 
  • Of course, if you have a British Passport or ability to apply for a Spousal Visa, then you will have working rights in the UK. 


Reach out to us at visasupport@anzuk.education  and we will promptly be in contact with you, with the aim of setting you on your way towards great experiences and adventure in the UK. 


If you haven’t yet registered with anzuk please click on the following link & we can chat further about your work preferences. 


Or, if you have any friends/peers who may be interested, we offer a $150 referral bonus following 10 days worked in the UK!