So, you’ve completed your 2- year Youth Mobility Visa (YMV) and you’ve fallen in love with the UK, all its charm and eccentricity, and you don’t want to leave. You’ve tried to snag yourself a Brit to prolong your stay through a partnership visa but haven’t quite managed it.

Many educators are in the same situation and want to know what their options are to enable them to stay in the UK past the 2-year cut off, if any.  Let’s have a look through your options:

  1. The second option along the line to having a British passport is to explore the option of obtaining an Ancestry Visa. This gives you 5 years to live and work in the UK and can be renewed numerous times.  The requirement here is that you have a parents or grandparents born in the UK and you can prove it with their birth certificate.
  2. If this isn’t an option for you, you may pose a very common question to us: “Can I get sponsored?”. Anzuk’ sponsorship license doesn’t extend to educators as you need to be sponsored directly by a school.  Here’s some info about the Employer Sponsorship for the Tier 2 -General Work (skilled visa)
  • Firstly, the visa needs to be applied for by a school that holds a sponsorship license (or a CoS -Certificate of Sponsorship as it’s known).
  • For a school to obtain a sponsorship license, there is a significant amount of time and paperwork involved.
  • The school /employer must follow a strict process whereby they advertise the job in the UK and process all applications in order to prove that there are no applicants that are already settled in the UK (or are able to obtain a visa separately) that could take the role over an overseas migrant requiring sponsorship. Hence, you can see this is a big commitment for both the school and teacher.

So, does this mean this option is out of the window completely?

  • If you are already in the UK on a YMV that will be expiring soon AND in a contract with a school; then it is worth speaking to your school about the option of them sponsoring, you. Because you have an established relationship with the school and the sponsorship process can take place whilst you are still teaching and have a current visa, the school maybe willing to do this.
  • If you are an experienced STEM teacher: secondary Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (or Computer Science) teacher then sponsorship is a viable option as this position is on the skills shortage list. The UK is currently running a programme called the “International Teacher Framework” whereby teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Jamaica and South Africa can obtain positions in state funded secondary schools and academies if they are a STEM teacher.  It helps if you are open minded to the location and type of school you will be working in.  Commonly school in regional areas that have difficulty attracting teachers are more open to sponsoring teachers.  You will need approximately 3000 pounds for this visa and be willing to commit to a 1-5-year contract.
  • If you are a SEN specialist teacher and have the correct qualification, experience and salary band, again sponsorship is a viable option.

At anzuk, we regularly inform our teachers about the schools that have the ability to sponsor you and what roles are available.  Please ask your consultant for more information.