The following testimonials are from anzuk educators working in early childhood in Sydney…


My experience with anzuk has been positive. Craig, Jess and the rest of the team were amazing. Corresponding with this company has been the best experience and the team took their time to go through the recruiting process in a professional way. Furthermore, anzuk’s mobile app is a great way for educators to choose their availability. They welcome educators from all cultural backgrounds. I would recommend anzuk to all my colleagues because they are wonderfully professional and supportive.



It is always a pleasure to work with the anzuk team. I joined anzuk last year and since then my life has changed a lot. I was quite anxious and very nervous at the beginning of my journey however Craig, Siobhan and Jessica have treated me with respect and their fantastic attitudes made me feel very welcome. From then on, I knew this agency was one of a kind. I still remember the first time that they called me, and I made an appointment with Jessica. They explained the expectations and requirements very patiently and they never gave up on me.

The whole team’s interactions with me by both emails and phones are always professional, quick and welcoming. I can feel their enthusiasm from their words and voices, which empowers me to do my best in childcare centres. In addition, all the centres anzuk work with are amazing. I enjoy every opportunity, working across different centres and gaining such great experience. I am now confident that I will be a much better early childhood teacher in the future. I feel that my life has been fulfilled since I joined anzuk. I really appreciate all their effort, assistance and for being so understanding.

I will always recommend my peers to join anzuk. In fact, I’ve already successfully recommended my friend to join the team and she told me that she was very impressed by anzuk. She has worked for many different agencies and she also feels anzuk is definitely one of the best. I am impressed by anzuk’s welcoming nature and I can tell they value my opinions on my experiences. I am also impressed by the quality and amount of work that anzuk provides me with. The app “Ready2work” makes it easy to manage my availability and preferences.



The team at anzuk were helpful, efficient and very eager to get the best work possible to suit my needs. I was in the middle of moving from the Gold Coast to Sydney and they made the process a lot smoother. Taryn and Craig followed up with things during the time I worked with the company and after I started full time work they made visits to make sure everything was still going well and I was happy.



I enjoyed to working in every service that anzuk put me in. I also like the fact that whenever is possible they will tell you in advance about available shifts and the service. I also appreciate the fact that anzuk put me to work in the same services, which allows me to build a relationship with the staff and the children. The thing I like the most is the fact that they care about me and that they are always available to help.

With anzuk I had the opportunity to meet different educators, different practices and philosophies. That was very important in my personal and professional development.



anzuk have been exceptionally professional and reliable in all my dealings with them, right down to assisting in sourcing a permanent position as an ECT, through to organising the interview and follow up with me along the way.

I would definitely recommend anzuk to anyone in the industry, due to their transparency, detailed information relating to prospective positions, assistance and overall accurate and professional involvement with not only the casual agency work that they provided me, but also the way in which they handle further interactions to secure me an interview and an eventual permanent teaching position.



I am so grateful to work as one of the educators at anzuk as they have taught me a lot about how to be a good educator. anzuk tries their best to provide you with the job chances that you want. Every Friday they will send a message with sweet words and a reminder, which seems like your living in a big family. I hope more people can work together with me in this nice family. Thank you very much, anzuk!



I am very happy to work with anzuk. They are very professional and will help you get shifts as long as you need them. It’s easy to communicate, and the system works very well. This job gives me a chance to prove my ability and grow my relationships with others, it pushes me to learn and increase my working experience and confidence.



I think working with anzuk I gained great experience. I have learned many things from different Centres, educators and different age groups of children. For example, I observed the programs that the centres provided to the children and I got so many ideas from them. I met different educators and learned the children development and management skills from them. I have also worked with the children with special needs that I understand how patient and love that educators provided to the children. Now when I walk into the centre, I know what the centres expectation and always ask how I can help. I would recommend anzuk to my peers because the anzuk staff are very nice and friendly.



My experience with anzuk has been exceptional, they have gone above and beyond! They guided me through qualification assessment and had all the information I needed to get it done quickly so I could begin work. My consultant is very understanding, always there to contact and makes me feel like the only educator she is responsible for!

I have had lots of work also the best 6 months of my career, it’s all down to the amazing anzuk team! 

The placements anzuk offer are all very different but each one has provided me with exciting new learning opportunities. Whether it’s behaviour management, philosophy or the delivery of the curriculum! I feel extremely lucky to have experienced all the amazing centres/schools and learned so much from passionate experienced teachers! I believe I have grown so much in my career but also personally during my time with anzuk!    

I would, or should I say, I have recommended anzuk to educators and friends, I believe they are the best agency out there!