As an organisation that is built on a growth mindset, I feel it’s very important to begin by saying thank-you to for the feedback we have received on how to keep making our service deliver value to you.

Having close to 300 schools and 1500 educator responses, we have been provided with invaluable information that we will use to ensure we are continually improving our service to your school and our educators.

Firstly, it was nice to hear 91% of you agree or strongly agree that anzuk take appropriate action to address your staffing needs. 

Two key areas for improvement that were identified out of the results were first, our ability to always source specialist educators for specialist subjects and secondly, our ability to give you more control and visibility over educators to improve consistency across grades and subjects. 

Along with investing heavily into our local educators, the recruitment of international educators will continue to draw our focus and investment. The refinement of our recruitment and retention of these international educators will ensure that the calibre and quality of educators can remain strong right throughout the year. It will also increase our ability to be able to source specialist educators for all subject areas. 

Another initiative we have been developing is a software platform called, ‘Own Pool’. We are very close to releasing this in Victoria and believe it will have a great impact across all schools locally and in regional areas. It will give schools the ability to better manage educator compliance, save time, reduce costs and have greater control over educators placed in schools. 

This very exciting initiative has already been up and running with some schools we partner with in Perth with great success and we will be looking to release it to schools here in Victoria over the coming months. 

We know that as an organisation our initiatives and goals can only ever be effective through partnering with schools and educators. Through this partnership, we can introduce the right high calibre staff to your school and maintain our focus on continuously developing and growing educators. It was great to hear that 93% of you agree or strongly agree that you feel well supported by the team at anzuk. We look forward to continuing to use your feedback to guide us in what to prioritise and focus on moving forward.