I think most people would agree that the best part about travelling and teaching abroad is the people you meet. We (Donald and Cooper) were lucky enough to create an amazing group of friends throughout our travels in London and Melbourne through anzuk. Most of the people we met were other teachers who we’d meet at various schools or through anzuk socials/ social media pages.   

We created a solid group in Melbourne and every weekend we knew we would have a group to go out with. We’d travel together, go to the beach together, catch events together and sometimes teach together… Creating so many great memories while abroad.    

Most travellers find it difficult once they arrive back home from time abroad and have no one to talk to about their experience. Your friends don’t really want to hear about the Guinness brewery tour for the 10th time or learn that Melbourne has a day off of work for a sports game. It is times like these where you would find yourself scrolling through old photos or videos of your travels trying your best to reimagine all those memories.  

Which brings us to the point of this blog. For the second year in a row we were able to have a Melbourne reunion with a large portion of our friends who we met in Melbourne for 4 days of fun at a cottage near Toronto. We were able to reminisce about old times and create new memories. It was also a great opportunity to hear about how the teaching experience abroad has helped everyone land jobs in various provinces back in Canada. 

To us, it was always very important to build friend groups to make travelling easier, more fun and have people to share the experience with. I think everyone in our groups would encourage anyone who is about to embark on their international teaching adventure to reach out to other people via Facebook groups, socials, in schools and of course people who are already there or about to leave as well. 

These friendships we’ve mentioned is not capped at any number and we love expanding and sharing with other passionate travellers and educators, so if you have or are about to return to Canada please feel free to reach out anytime you feel like reminiscing! That being said we are also not the only people who have continued strong friendships after returning, some even go on and continue to travel to other destinations or return to Canada and promote it to their friend groups. We have all felt that “travel sadness” when returning home, but for so many this is not the end, but just the beginning of life long bonds! 

So where to next? 

– Donald + Cooper 

If your interested in teaching Australia you can learn more here: https://anzuk.education/ca/home