Why did you decide to teach in the UK/ Australia?

I started my teaching journey in June 2014, upon completing my Bachelor of Education at Mcgill University. I always wanted to travel to Australia and decided to go through Anzuk Teachers to make that dream come true. Best decision I have ever made! I taught in Australia for a year and got to travel the Land Down Under and parts of Asia. A year later, I decided to pursue a different teaching experience in the UK. The teaching opportunities in the UK are endless. I truly enjoyed my experience teaching over there and having Europe right at my doorstep to explore.

What made you choose anzuk as your preferred agency?

Two students from my University were already teaching in Australia with Anzuk and they had nothing but positive things to say about the agency. What I really enjoyed about this agency was that you can teach anywhere in the world with them. You can do a year in Australia, a year in New Zealand, a year in the UK, where ever your sense of adventure takes you.

After deciding I wanted to go teach in Australia, I had a million and one questions about the move, and every single one of my questions were answered. Karissa helped me right from the start. She made sure that I received the checklist and went over everything that was required before entering Australia. Also, I was in contact with a consultant from there, who wanted to know more about myself as a teacher, so they can place me in schools based on my preferences.  Once arriving in Melbourne, I was greeted at the office and introduced to the team. I felt supported every step of the way. What I enjoyed the most about Anzuk is how every month or so, they would organise activities for the consultants and teachers. It was a great way to connect with other teachers and share our journeys.

After my year was up, I wasn’t quite ready to come home. I knew I wanted to continue my teaching journey overseas and was fascinated by the United Kingdom and its history. Anzuk was my agency of choice. I knew that they would support me with my move and help me with all the paperwork before I entered the country. Yet again, they provided me with the reassurance I needed when moving to another country.

What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in Australia/ the UK and Canada?

I find that the education system in Australia and the UK is very similar to that of Canada. The only difference I found was that both these countries have a lot of funding for schools and therefore you are always supported in the classroom. Teaching assistants are the best! Let’s face it, as teachers we are always looking forward to our next holiday. In Australia and the UK, you work six to eight weeks and have a couple weeks off. Plenty of time to travel.

What did you enjoy most about teaching and living overseas?

What I enjoyed the most during my year teaching in Australia, was the fact that I could teach in French Immersion schools and share with the students my Canadian culture. As for the United Kingdom, I was in a challenging inner-city school, where I enhanced my classroom management skills. Those two years truly made me appreciate my career choice. As for living overseas, I enjoyed meeting all kinds of interesting people from around the world, who have now become lifelong friends.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of making the move overseas from Canada?

My first advice would be not to be afraid to travel alone. You meet so many teachers along the way, thanks to all the social events Anzuk organises. This experience is like no other, you will return home rich in the knowledge of different cultures. Most importantly, life is short, make sure to travel more.