Where do you escape to when the school year is over, and seeing Big Ben and Oxford Street alllll over again just won’t cut it? Get booking those tickets and reawakening your wanderlust, because we’ve thought long and hard about the best teacher spots on the globe:

1. Germany

You really don’t have to venture very far for an escape, and Germany’s charm is a mere few hours away. Its historical attractions and rich festivities, ethereal castles, and Bavarian beer gardens are known by all. The city’s famous hospitality will also give you a chance to put your feet up, having experienced the struggle of standing next to a whiteboard for the majority of the working week. Berlin’s eccentricity and the picturesque nature of Munich is available all year round, but when summer hits is when every single German city goes into full bloom with Stadtfest, festivals brimming with music, fireworks and activities that are a testament to the country’s rich culture. Germany is both a home away from home and an entirely new experience right in our backyard – it’d be almost effortless to plan a visit too, which is an added bonus having spent the best part of the year tending to lesson schedules.


2. Budapest

If you want a city break with a streak of difference, a Buda break must absolutely be on the cards. Hungary’s capital is a fusion of culture and nightlife: whether you’re looking for a few days of utter relaxation, a glass of wine surrounded by breathtaking scenery or art that tells the city’s story, Budapest’ll ensure your every want is realised. Its public transport is brilliant for getting from A to B whilst simultaneously providing you with sights of the Danube River and the parliament building (Google it, seriously), and your bank account won’t be in crisis after going all out because it’s cheap as chips! The Jewish quarter never sleeps and merges quirky ruin pubs with authentic Hungarian history reminiscent; the famous Szechenyi Thermal Baths can tend to your tired, post-revision lesson self; and Buda castle offers you the most royal of citywide views.


3. Australia

This one’s especially ideal for the teacher who needs a complete cleanse during the summer months – it’s as far away from your term time lifestyle as can be after all, which ensures experiences that differ completely from the days you’re used to. Being Down Under is an exciting change with its promise of sights unnatural to British soil, and an Australian winter coincides directly with your well-deserved six weeks off so travel and living costs would be at an all time low (fear not: their winter temperatures beat ours by miles, so sunbathing wouldn’t be out of the question). The only difficult decision to make is where to go first: is immersing yourself in the wild outback a priority, or exploring the Blue Mountains? Is a trip to Sydney Zoo on the cards, or recharging your batteries completely with a long beach day?


4. Egypt

Known as ‘The Land of the Pharaohs’, there’s no doubt an Egyptian getaway would be one fit for the King/Queen (of the classroom, that is). Cairo is known worldwide for being the gateway to ancient civilisation, and with the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings a short journey from the capital – complemented by tasty african cuisine and market stalls with trinkets aplenty, of course – a brief visit there would challenge even the best of history lessons. Is your brain begging for some rest, however? Coastal destinations like Harghada boast resorts that touch the Red Sea and can cater to your every need, so that you’re ready to do the same for your class come September.

Convinced an Egyptian escape is the one for you? Luckily enough, Anzuk are giving a free holiday break away to the very same! If you’re not sold, however, we’ve got mesmerising Morocco and Turkey in the mix as options too – and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a summer escape to one of the three is download our ‘Teachers’ Toolkit’ and follow the steps: