To celebrate final month of the year and the season of giving we will be giving you a new teaching resources each day! Of course, not everyone celebrates Christmas so there will be a mix of holiday themed resources as well as other easy class activities and teaching resources that should keep your students engaged right up to the break!

Day 1: DIY Christmas Decoration


Day 2: Google Santa Tracker –


Day 3: Teaching Assistant Guide –


Day 4: Science Experiment: Fizzy Ballons


Day 5: Attention Grabbers


Day 6: DIY Christmas Wreath


Day 7: Behavior Management Guide –


Day 8: The Clean Up Song


Day 9: Christmas Plate

Day 10: SEN Guide –


Day 11: Early Finisher Cards


Day 12: Pool Noodle Fractions


Day 13: Learning Approaches –


Day 14: Free Math Worksheet Generator –


Day 15: Magic Milk


Day 16: OSHC Toolkit –


Day 17: Elf Name