Advance your career in education with Rural and Regional Opportunities
Written by Mitch Jones – UK & NSW Permanent Opportunities Specialist

Living in regional NSW can be one of the best choices – and investments – a teacher can make in their career. Not only does a teacher get the ability to fast track their career, the ability to live in a real community environment and enjoy a much greater financial position allows you to “stress less” compared to living in larger capital cities.


Career Development
Positions at leading independent schools in metropolitan cities are increasingly competitive; there can often be literally over 100 applications for a single advertised role. Getting into the system can take years, if not decades, so for those teachers looking at avenues to gain employment in the independent sector regional schools should be a definite consideration.

Independent schools in regional Australia face the same recruitment pressures as all other industries regionally; with a smaller pool of potential teachers to consider they are able to give consideration to teachers earlier in their career progression than their metropolitan counterparts.

What does this mean for you?
Moving to teach regionally allows you to get on the independent school ladder far earlier than would often be the case with city schools. Making the move means your career gets a kick start and will ensure your eligibility for independent schools in the big cities can be expedited for any potential return.


Personal Development
Making the move to live in regional Australia can often be one of the most liberating feelings any professional can undertake. For people used to living in large metropolitan areas the novelty of no peak hour, finding a park right out the front of your favourite cafe and being within a 15min drive of pretty much every amenity in town can be very surreal.

Reclaim your time
Your daily commute to school can be concluded in a 10min podcast; no more decrypting public transport timetables to decipher how to arrive at school before 8am whilst maximising your morning sleep-in. Less time on a daily commute simply means more time for you; whether it be school work, home time, family time or just having time to waste, your time is yours to enjoy and not sit in traffic.

Know your neighbours
What was once a staple of life is now a foreign concept in most areas of any main city, however in regional Australia, you don’t just live next door to your neighbours, you live with them. Whether it be a chat over the fence as you’re picking at your veggie patch, saying “Hi” as you’re taking the dog for a walk or grabbing a coffee at your favourite cafe, you really get to know your neighbours. Make friends, have experiences and create memories that will last.


Financial Benefits
Securing a role at a regional independent school is easily one of the best financial decisions a teacher can make. Whilst still enjoying pay equivalent to their big city counterparts, teachers in regional independent schools enjoy a cost of living that is infinitely superior.

The biggest financial benefit a teacher in a regional setting enjoys is a far lower cost of property (be it rent or mortgage). Depending on preferences and specific areas, it would not be uncommon to suggest a teacher could save well over $1500 a month in costs associated with renting a property regionally. At close to $20,000 over a 12 month period, these savings could be nest-egged for any potential return to the city!

With salaries in the independent sector being very well remunerated, the sooner a teacher can secure work the quicker they can progress through the system. Enjoying a Sydney-esque income in a regional area means more disposable income for you.


Gone are the days of families strapping their suitcases onto the roof of the car and planning out an 8 hour road trip to the nearest major city. With most regional centres having an airport, quick access to the cities is very convenient. For those wanting to drive, a commute can start from just over 2 hours from your front door to the city. You’re never isolated when living in regional Australia.

Weekend getaways
Being outside of the major cities means you have access to other areas of the state for weekend (or school holidays.) Doesn’t matter where in the state it is, each area has their own point of difference that makes a weekend getaway that much more enjoyable. Of course, with more disposable income thanks to a lower cost of living, you’ll find you’ve got more opportunity to make these getaways possible!


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