Thank-you to everyone that completed our biannual survey, we were very pleased with the outstanding response rates. These surveys provide us with invaluable information that we use to ensure we are continually  improving our service for you as educators and to the schools you work in.


A key area identified for improvement was in providing greater support and development opportunities through increased professional development and feedback.

Your responses have led us to recognise that now, more than ever, this is an area we need to continually invest in. This has also been highlighted by the changes in legislations that have occurred over the past 12 months to improve practices around the safeguarding of students.

Over the coming months, we will be creating a development framework plan that will enable us to provide consistent support and assist in your continued growth. This will also involve us making PD recommendations and expanding the range of PD’s that we offer.

We are committed to doing all we can to support your development by providing suitable work opportunities, regular feedback and targeted PD. We are honoured that 86% of you indicated your intention to be still working with our team in 12 months’ time and we are excited by what we might be able to achieve together in this time.

Technology advancements, particularly with our Ready2Work portal, is another area for improvement. We are currently developing software to increase the transfer of information. Once this have been completed, this will provide the capacity for information on individuals classes within a school to be made available, including lesson plans and feedback. This new level of access and transparency of information will ensure you are better informed about your day, and school expectations, and will set you up for success.


As 93% of you agree or strongly agree that you feel motivated to go above and beyond at work, we know that with improved support and development, along with improvements in technology, the impact on students and learning communities will be great.