Let’s all be frank here… This year has not gone to plan. Holidays cancelled, schools closedloss of work and stresses we have never faced before. But we made it! We are finally coming to the end of the isolation tunnel and employment is front and center for a lot of people moving forward. 

So, what now…? 

Could this be the time to take a chance and try something new? 
There are many roles across Victoria, in Melbourne and in regional areas that can be just the thing you need to take that next step towards your ultimate goals and broaden your Professional Development. The bonus with these roles is that it’s likely there is an incentive involved for teachers that qualify! 

The Victorian Government are now implementing a new targeted initiative to encourage quality teachers to take on hard-to-staff positions and these roles may qualify for many reasons not limited to, but including certain specialist subjects, rural areas of disadvantage. *Yes, this includes some schools Metro Melbourne! 

So, what are the incentives? Well, I’m glad you asked! 

The financial incentives are offering teachers a one-off payment of up to $50,000 (pre-tax) with the average incentive offered approximately $25,000. This includes additional retention payments of up to $9,000 for three years. 

Another incentive is the Secondary Mathematics and Science Initiative (SMSI) created to provide out-of-field math’s and science teachers with a Graduate Certificate. This initiative is available for out-of-field Years 7-10 math’s and science teachers across rural, regional and metropolitan schools. 

This includes a comprehensive one-year professional learning program providing you with accreditation in a new teaching method by completing a Graduate Certificate in your out-of-field subject. 

So, where are these opportunities? 

These incentives can be qualified to schools all over Victoria, from Metropolitan Melbourne to spanning just outside a regional location, and of course, there are the rural opportunities for those looking a little further for a change.  

But I would like to talk about one place in particular… Colac! 

Located just 60 minutes from the Geelong CBD, Colac is classed as a rural town in Victoria that qualifies for these incentives and is regularly supported by our consultants at anzuk. We speak to multiple educators every week that are currently heading down the highway from Geelong to the outer western suburbs of Melbourne and some even trekking all the way into the CBD. 
Whilst there are great opportunities that suit commuters, with public transport readily available and the drive (whilst traffic jams are a given in Melbourne) not discouraging the hundreds that regularly or permanently work out this way – this doesn’t always suit everyone 

So, why wouldn’t you prefer a quiet relaxing country drive just out of Geelong, the sun in your rear-view mirror to and from work – the only jams experienced are the tunes you’re playing in your car. You’re teaching full time in a fantastic school; you’ve received an incentive payment from the government and your enriching the lives of students that are desperate to learn and succeed. Not to mention you are reaching new heights in your career and broadening your Professional Development. 

Sounds amazing, right? 


Aside from supporting CRT’s with casual work, we are always striving to support our educators with their career goals and supporting them in gaining contracts and ongoing roles. In particular, Colac is always on the lookout for exceptional educators, just like yourself to become a part of their community and be an inspiration for their students.  

If you are wanting to find out more about the roles we have in Colac, or just in Regional, Rural or Metro areas here: https://www.anzuk.education/au/jobseekers/jobs

Contact our Geelong Customer care Specialist April Williamson if you are interested in a VCE Math/Science role in Colac. April.w@anzuk.education