Are you a qualified Primary, Secondary, or Early Childhood casual teacher? If you are looking for a set amount of teaching work for an agreed number of weekly hours, the ambassador program might be perfect for you!   

To join the program, we sign a contract which guarantees two, three, four or fives days of work per week. If we cannot place you in a school for the minimum agreed hours, then we will pay the difference. So, if we agree to four days a week with seven hours days, you will always get paid for 28 hours a week. Even if we cannot find you work in a school, you still get paid.  

How does it benefit anzuk? 

The program helps anzuk ensure that we have a reliable pool of exceptional educators available to us. Schools always have teachers calling in sick and needing replacements, so having a group of educators ready to fill in allows us to reliable assist our partnered schools.  

How does it benefit you? 

As a causal educator, having a stable and reliable income can be challenging. This program guarantees work and payment, giving you more financial security. Therefore, the stress around budgeting and planning can be greatly alleviated.  

What are your responsibilities as an anzuk ambassador? 

You will need to keep yourself available on the days you have committed to. Also, you will need to sign in as ready2work each morning when we have not prebooked you in for a shift to ensure this availability.  

Can I take days off and turn down shifts? 

Of course! You can always take days off if you are sick or have appointments. However, you will need to give us as much notice as possible, so we are not relying on you to fill a shift for us on that day. Also, if a shift is too far away or does not fit your preferences, we always respect this, although if a shift is within your agreed preferences, you cannot turn down multiple shifts and still be paid for the day. We can only pay you if we know you are available for us. 

Will it stop me from receiving full-time work? 

Absolutely not. During the months of the contract, you will not be able to work for another school or agency at the same time. However, this does not stop you from potentially taking a long-term role with a school you have worked with through us or any other school. We can still put your forward for permanent roles if you are interested, although the ambassador contract would need to cease before any other employment can begin.  

How do I sign up? 

If you want to join the ambassador program, please get in contact with your consultant and they can arrange the paperwork. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them to specify any information. Additionally, our resident ambassador guru Rob Evans has a FAQ video on the subject. 

We can’t wait to hear from you and get you much needed financial security in these uncertain times!