Leave replacement positions create great opportunities for both teachers and schools. Whether it be for a term, semester or a year, teachers have the opportunity to make a great impression and potentially secure an ongoing opportunity at their ideal school. For schools, it provides a great period to evaluate how prospective teachers fit the school.


But who is game to take the plunge? Many experienced teachers are secure in ongoing roles. Although not currently teaching in their ideal environment, the security of an ongoing role can stifle our mindset in considering the ideal opportunity, should it present during the year.


For the brave few that consider these initially shorter opportunities, the possibility of the ‘ideal’ can soon become reality. Often due to the time of year, competition for opportunities is less fierce than toward the end of the year. This is also true for strong graduates along with teachers recently arrived from abroad looking to apply.


An initial contract is an ideal period to make an impression on a new school. We believe most contracts have the potential for ongoing and schools will always do their utmost to keep great teachers. If this doesn’t ultimately eventuate, it can an extremely beneficial CV boosting experience, particularly if you have strong references to support your time at the school.


For schools, this trial period also offers a great window into a teachers potential and the future impact they can have on the school long term.


55% of our teacher placements in 2017 were contracted placements (spanning 1 term to 12 months). As an expert in contract placements, anzuk can help teachers of varying experience secure their ideal role and help gain great experience.

The Right Fit

Like the students we teach, no two schools are the same. They all have a unique ethos, culture and leadership. Through having substantial knowledge of the schools we work with, we believe we can help guide and support teachers in finding the right school.


Unseen opportunities

As the world turns and the need for a personalised service in education increases, schools may not advertise. The schools we work with collaboratively will often forego the advertising cost and human resources of undertaking their own process and will, therefore, approach us directly. We endeavour to present as many suitable opportunities to each teacher we support and empower them with the choice.



How does your resume present? Does it outline key achievements? How interview fit are you? Need some practice? Our purpose is to provide exceptional experiences and service to the teachers we support. We do this in a variety of ways. Firstly we help create comprehensive resumes and presentation skills, experience and key achievements through consultation with our schools –  resumes can only say so much! The most powerful thing we provide is our comprehensive interview preparation. Our practice interviews and feedback provide the confidence required to interview effectively and maximise each opportunity.


We are here to help, so feel free to get in touch 0438 530 360 or sam.b@anzuk.education