This is a question we get asked a lot!

We decided to put this question out to some of our educators so they can share with others why they do what they do! We reached out to a number of our educators who work in these settings, and to kick this off, meet Adam and Jodi. Adam began working with us as a teaching assistant back in 2013 and is now a teacher while Jodi registered with anzuk this year as a teaching assistant.


What motivated you to pursue working in SEN?

Adam – The joy of helping others and being of service. The satisfaction in knowing that what I do has a real impact on others.

Jodi –  No two days are the same, it is always action packed!


What is the most rewarding aspect of working in SEN?

Adam –  Seeing all the little differences you make in the students everyday wins. Every small win counts.

Jodi – It is so rewarding when you make a breakthrough or a connection with a student. Many of the students I have worked with have come from traumatic backgrounds and experiences and I feel like my input is helping them with and that I am being a caring & positive influence in their lives


What did you discover about yourself or your professional practice whilst working in SEN?

Adam – Never underestimate the power of an imaginative and creative mind.

Jodi – I have discovered a caring & nurturing side of myself which has always been there for my own child, but I have opened up to embrace the needs of other children.


What piece of advice or encouragement would you give to someone considering a career in SEN?

Adam – Believe in the impossible!

Jodi – Try not take anything to heart


If you are interested in teaching in special educational needs settings, email our SEN coordinator Crystal,