Do you love supply teaching in schools across London and want to be challenged in a fun and vibrant office environment?

Do you deeply care about education and developing strong relationships between schools and the teachers and support staff who help them grow?

Do you aspire to inspire and educate the children of today to be their best tomorrow?

I certainly do and the opportunity I currently have working with anzuk is a perfect mix between my love of education and the avenues that I have in front of me to explore, expand and build a great network of educators and education resources.

2 or 3 days a week I get to go out and teach in some fantastic schools all across London. I get to discuss with Heads and Deputies about the direction of education in the UK; I can talk to teachers about where they think education is going and how it can be improved day to day; and I get to chat with TA’s and support staff about the students and worries that make up life in schools throughout the world. I have taught Nursery aged students how to tie their shoes and count to 20. I’ve been able to explore the Gunpowder Plot with grade 6 students and tasked grade 3 students to understand fractions, percentages and decimals (oh my).

The other 2 or 3 days a week I get to recruit some of the best teachers and TA’s from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the UK whilst in the office. I spend my days discussing education with new enthusiastic educators like myself, organising events to provide my colleagues with ways to network and enjoy the fruits of their hard work and developing avenues for business development between schools and teachers, ensuring that the consultants in my teams are provided with the highest quality candidates. I get to use my knowledge in the education industry to build on my knowledge of the business world and how those two elements can fuse together.

I absolutely love to teach. I absolutely love to talk to people about teaching. I currently get to do both in some amazing schools and in an amazing office. Every single day throws up an interesting new challenge and an exciting new prospect to wrap my brain around.

On Monday I could be in an Outstanding school in Ealing, explaining to my students how to add and subtract fractions, challenging them with word problems and helping them to think of what they are grateful for in their learning. On Tuesday, I could be in the office, talking to a British NQT about their future in the teaching profession and opportunities they could take in Aus or NZ. On Wednesday I could be talking to an Aussie Marketing graduate about their gap year; Working as a teaching assistant whilst they get to explore Europe, make new memories and meet some amazing life long friends. On Friday, I could be cracking a beer at 4 o’clock whilst preparing our merchandise and staff for an amazing event the following day allowing them to network with sporting affiliates and other lifelong educators.

I have been given an amazing opportunity to explore business and education in the UK after exploring it in Australia and I plan to take every opportunity to help the best educators, students and teachers to have the best experiences they can.

I know I’m enjoying this role and there is always room to expand and develop other people in roles like mine.

I love my work life balance and so can you.

Let’s talk!!!


– Lachlan Ferguson