The sun is out which means London is in full swing! The days are longer, everyone is excited and the Summer Events are never ending. 

In April of this year I decided to make the big move from working in our anzuk Melbourne office to our London office by myself and it was definitely the most terrifying yet exciting thing I have ever done. It was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions in the lead up to my flight but here I am, 3 months in and loving every second. 


They don’t say London is the best place to be in Summer for no reason.  If you had of told me that during Summer London doesn’t get dark until 10pm and the sun rises at 5am I wouldn’t have believed you. A few highlights so far have been a million picnics, London Pride Parade, going to Wimbledon, The Royal Ascot Races and The Epsom Races, footy functions, a quick weekend trip to Spain, another weekend away to Scotland and the fact that every day feels like a Friday- everyone is buzzing! With the Summer Holidays coming up next week everyone is making their travel plans with one another and Greece is definitely a hot topic. 

A fear of mine was definitely coming alone, if you’re worried about making friends I would recommend joining a club of some sort. I have joined one of the AFL teams over here as well as a netball team and has been such an easy way to meet people (and also balance out the consumption of food from the billion markets). I have even gone on a couple holidays with some of the anzuk teachers I met through our social events that we host This has been a great way to meet other travellers who are in the same boat. Of course, London is cool and Europe being on your doorstep is amazing but I can easily say my favourite thing so far has been all the new friends I have made and the whole new network of people that London has opened me up to. 

Nerves are inevitable and you will be totally out of your comfort zone at times, but the reward is just too good to miss out on. If you’re about to make the move- get ready for the time of your life. If you’re thinking about it – just do it. It is simply the best. 

If you haven’t yet registered with anzuk please click on the following link & we can chat further about working & living in the UK.

Or, if you have any friends/peers who may be interested, we offer a $150 referral bonus following 10 days worked in the UK!