Jayke is a Secondary Teacher from Australia who has been making the most of having London as a travel base. We often get asked, ‘Where is one place I must visit on my 2 year visa’; Jayke has given his advice to suit different traveler types with his top hit-list. 

Hi I’m Jayke from Melbourne Australia and I’ve been teaching in the UK for 18 months. I’ve been lucky enough to explore Europe and beyond while living in London. Here are a few travel destinations from some of my most enjoyable travel adventures.

For the budget conscious traveler.

– For me the further east the better! I had an absolute blast exploring the different cultures of the balkans for a very affordable price! Special mentions are the diverse countries of Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania(my personal favourite) and Slovenia. There so much to see and do in the east on the cheap!

For the adrenaline junkie’s

– For something a little more extreme consider Morocco, a country with Desert, Mountains and beaches all in one! In Morocco is the highest mountain in Northern Africa, it was well worth the hard climb, along with many adventure activities like white water rafting, canyoning and rock climbing to do.

For the sun seeking teachers

– There’s a reason why Brit’s tend to call Spain their second home. Portugal and Spain both bask in the sun with beautiful beaches and a really relaxed lifestyle which was a great place to relax.

For those who cant stop learning

– You can’t go past Egypt for a sense of history! Check out the amazing pyramids and tombs of thousands of years ago! Why not add in Jordan with the incredible wonder of the world Petra to see.

For those seeking something different 

– I was apprehensive about travelling to the ‘Stans but those fears were soon forgotten when seeing Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, in my opinion one of the most unknown natural gems of the world. Think a combination of the Swiss alps and the Scottish highlands with ginormous canyons combined with incredible nomadic cultures. Places that will definitely reward the brave!

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