There are a lot of people looking for their next position right now and it’s always hard to be unsuccessful when applying for roles. Here are 5 tips to help you stay focused and overcome rejection.



  • You are not alone. Acknowledge the situation and be comforted that this struggle is not unique to you, there are other people on the same journey or who remember what it was like to be there. Ask for support if you need it.
  • Feeling disappointed and dejected, when you don’t get a role you were interested in, is completely normal. These are feelings you will need to work through as you find your next opportunity. To stay positive, look for the lessons you can learn through the process.



  • If you are not getting interviews, honestly reassess your application, is it highlighting your skills and experience as well as it could? Continue working to refine and improve it.
  • If you are getting interviews but not offers, seek out feedback. It’s also helpful to take time to honestly reflect on how the interview went, as soon as you leave, while the full experience is fresh in your mind, going through what went well, didn’t go so well and areas to improve, will help you remember a more accurate version of events.
  • Also consider: Are you preparing enough for your interviews? Are you underperforming due to nerves? Are you answering the questions fully? Do you lack experience in your chosen field? Then, work on what is in your control, for example, if you think your answers are vague, find someone to practice with and try to structure your responses so they are more focused.



  • Keep applying! Stay focused on what you have to offer. The more you can recognise your own value, the better you will be able to communicate it.
  • If you are interested in a role but are not sure if you are, ‘good enough’, apply for it any way, you might be just what they are looking for.


(Keep it) Real

  • At the risk of immediately contradicting the last point. Do consider the roles you are applying for, are they suited to your skills and experience? Depending on where you are in your career or if you are trying to transition between professions, you might be being a little too aspirational. It’s great to aim high but if you are consistently getting knocked back perhaps you need to readjust where your next step might land.
  • Venture out from behind the computer screen. Don’t just stick to applying online. Pick up the phone and call the school/organisation about the role, or try to meet new people to expand your network and learn about their career. You can also stay connected to your profession through volunteering (and then add it to your CV).



  • Make time to do things for yourself. Spend time with loved ones and pursue your interests.
  • Be self aware. Ultimately it’s up to you to maintain your motivation and keep your optimism. Take breaks when you need then and be kind to yourself.


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Reach Out

  • If you are registered and active with anzuk and looking for your next contract, chat to your consultant about ways we can help.
  • If you are not registered with anzuk, get in touch! We can assist with contract and ongoing opportunities and supply/casual relief teaching to help you develop relationships with schools and find your best fit.


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