Work in Before and After School Care.

I recently ventured out from the OSHC organisation that I was working with and started my new role with Anzuk as the OSHC Consultant. One of the things I have learnt from this was the importance of relationships. Relationships are the key to success and working in Before and After School Care with Anzuk can help you to continue to flourish.


Working in Before and After School Care is the step in the door to building new relationships with principals and daily organisers where you may have not worked before. It will also provide you with the understanding of the school environment, location and demographics. It prepares you for the call from your school’s consultant when you get sent there for a teaching day!


If you are interested in continuing to build relationships in education and are happy to work shifts in Before and After School Care, then please reach out. We work with schools all over Victoria and are excited to help you be successful in your career and to give you as many opportunities we can to help you thrive!