Laura is an Early Childhood Teacher from Wales, and moved to Sydney 5 months ago. Our Early Childhood Consultant Siobhan chatted with Laura about her journey and experiences with anzuk Education so far…

Why did you move to Sydney?

I have been away from home for 3 years spending the majority of my time in New Zealand working as an Early Childhood Educator. My partner and I have always liked the thought of travelling Australia and decided to apply for a working holiday visa, so the next big decision was where to find work? We chose Sydney because it is an undeniably beautiful city, but what really sold it for us were the endless amount of beaches and coves to discover all just a short bus ride from the city.

How have you found your experience working as a casual early childhood educator with anzuk Education?

From the first phone call anzuk have made me feel as though I am their only casual worker.  The consultants are extremely attentive and really make an effort to know about you as a teacher. We all have different strengths, passions and preferred philosophies for me it was important to be placed at settings where I could utilise these, and they haven’t failed to achieve this! For my first experience of working through an agency it has been faultless.

What did you find were the main differences working in early childhood in Australia?

Australia has such a variety of settings to explore, each different in every way! The biggest difference for me is the diversity found in each setting, so many different cultures, languages, beliefs and traditions. I have been submerged in to Aboriginal culture and learn new words in different languages every day! I adore how the educators respect this and have adapted their day to give every child a sense of belonging here in Australia. I believe when I finally say goodbye to Australia I will be a much more experienced and knowledgeable educator.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of making the move to Australia?

My only bit of advice would be… buy the ticket get on the flight, you won’t be disappointed!