Working for anzuk had kept me in the profession. Like so many in rural areas in Victoria gaining an ongoing teaching position is almost impossible. Teachers spend their whole working life in one town and one school – living the ‘good country life’ and why not.

This means unlike city areas there isn’t a lot of employment movement. Add to that around the time I graduated a key school I gained access through via CRT and long service leave/sick leave coverage for various terms didn’t lead to employment as they commenced voluntary redundancies and their retiring teachers were not replaced.

Each time it has been gutting – to prove myself and work so hard teaching senior students (often outside of my method) and find myself still ‘unemployed’. However in-between contracts or when on part-time contracts I know anzuk make it so easy to put my hand up again and say I’m available on their portal and pick up work again to keep my skills up and make a living.

I’m currently on a T3&4 contract in a tinny rural town (I’d never been too) thanks to anzuk. The school is outside of my ‘watch’ area for contracts however due to their database they could see I had the ability to teach VCE Business Management – which I’ve been WAITING to do – as it’s my preferred method and career before teaching.

Owen let me know the opening came up unexpectedly due to an AP leaving 6 weeks before the end of T3. I was able to take on a causal role of 5 weeks while applying formally through the State System to continue the role for T3 & 4.

Its been the most perfect contract for me as I’m finally teaching in an area I love and can offer the students lots of practical experience in being an x-corporate. I love the small rural school community which has just opened new buildings in a refresh.

This is an opportunity which may lead to ongoing work next year that I never would have known about without anzuk. I can also work locally for one of their schools on the days I’m not at the country school. This kind of flexibility has only been afforded to me through working with anzuk and their systems which allowed the connection to be made to help the school suddenly without a Business teacher and me as a casual worker.

anzuk’s work has filled the gaps for me and helped me gain experience in Special Education which has assisted me in mainstream schools with many funded students and those in need of additional assistance.

Thanks to anzuk I know I’m a better teacher for this experience.