Our team at anzuk identify as the a-team. Cliche? Maybe. Appropriate? Absolutely.

What started as a throwaway nickname for our team, ‘the a-team’ now connects us between our offices across the country and the world. I’m lucky enough to be directly involved with our best asset – our people – as part of our People and Culture team.

Here are 3 a’s that the a-team represent:

Attitude: One of our core values and this is evident in everyday life at anzuk. The positivity is infectious here and developing our growth mindset is important to us.

Achievement: We love to celebrate our wins, small or big. Earlier this year when we moved into our beautiful brand-new Collingwood office is an example – and I don’t think the team have stopped celebrating since!

Accountability: We have an important job to do here and as much as we love to have fun, we do this while remaining seriously passionate about making a difference in the quality of education the students of today receive.

In my 4 and a half years with anzuk, I have seen the business grow and evolve in many ways and our people have allowed this to happen organically and seamlessly. Having a team brand and knowing who we are allows us to remain aligned, engaged and committed to achieving our shared goal of providing exceptional experiences in education, always.

I would love to hear some stories about your team’s brand. What are the characteristics that best capture the team you work in?

To see more on the a-team, visit our website.