Applying for your teaching registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) can be an unnecessary headache if you try to rush through it and don’t take the time to stop and read everything thoroughly.  Here is a list to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that we have seen applicants make.  

1.When you start your application you will need to select the Registration type.  Most applicants will only need to select ‘Teacher Registration’.  – The other options are or include ‘Early Childhood Teacher Registration’ , in Australia to teach in these setting you need to be qualified and experienced with ages 0-6. 

 2.Using an outdated police check or using a vulnerable sector check If you are currently residing in Canada you will need to provide a valid RCMP Fingerprint check that was issued within seven days of when you submit your application to VIT. A vulnerable sector check is not valid in this application.  If you formerly resided in Canada it will need to cover the entire period you lived there. 

If unable to submit within seven days from the date it was issued, include documentation from when it was requested, processed or anything else which assist in forming a timeline. Complete a Statutory Declaration explaining the situation and confirming that you have not appeared before the courts in the days since the check was completed. 

 3.Not getting your ‘verification of identity document’ certified correctly, or at all! – VIT are very strict on ensuring that this document has been certified correctly. You can follow Canadian guidelines on who is eligible to certify a document.  

 4.Completing your application too close to departure – It’s important to send your documents off at least 3 months before departure (if possible). Keep in mind that once you are approved it can take up to a month for your registration package to make its way back to Canada. Try to have a way for your mail to be forwarded if needed or contact VIT ( to see if you can provide an Australian address for your card to be sent to. 

5.Not supplying all of the documents that were requested by VIT – While you can’t submit your application until each step has a green tick, double check to ensure you have fully completed the application as missing documents/information will mean significant delays to your application.  


Two Bonus Mistakes (that won’t apply to everyone) 

6.Not using a VIT approved translator – If any of your documents are in a language other than English you will need to have your document translated. VIT have a list of approved translators and will strictly enforce the use of their approved professionals. 

 7.Skipping the English Proficiency test if English is not your first language – If you have completed your degree in a language other than English VIT will ask you to complete an English proficiency test. If VIT requests this the test is mandatory and you must pass in order to be approved by VIT.