This week we focus on growth, one of our core values at anzuk, and an important value to have as an educator!


Our first guest today is Jess Mundy, an exceptional EC education consultant at anzuk. Jess discusses her growth within the company and shares some valuable resources with us.


We are then joined by Richard Duncan, National Permanent Opportunities Team Leader (EC) and the incredible Michelle Walsh, former regional manager for G8 Education and founder and director of Hourglass Consultancy. Michelle shares her journey through early childhood education with us and and gives some great advice to those educators wanting to grow into an educational leadership role.


Last, but not least, we talk with the amazing Katie Heinrichs, OSHC consultant at anzuk. We talk about her past experience is the OSHC sector and how it has helped her succeed in her role today. We also chat about how OSHC can be an important stepping stone for educators wanting to get hands on experience working with kids.