The best thing about teaching phonics is the creativity you can use in your teaching approach… one of our favourites is using songs.

When pupils hear a rhythm, it help them to associate to a different skill. Think about how you remember every single word to a song you learnt in primary school such as Humpty Dumpty? We have complied playlists from YouTube so you can find songs to teach phonics (and also to make it fun, who doesn’t love a sing along?)

You can click on the link below to each playlist. Also scroll to the bottom of this page for a detailed handbook on resources for teaching phonics, we can also email this to you if it’s easier to access.

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness 

Letter recognition and sounds

Beginning and Ending songs 

Short vowels and middle sounds 

Long vowels 


If you have an additional song you would like to include, please email


Make sure you check out our Phonics Hanbook for additional support of the phonics curriculum.