Why we place importance on reference checks

When working in education it is vital to ensure that staff are ethical and above reproach in their behaviour with and conduct towards children and at anzuk we take our responsibility seriously. It is for this reason that we ensure we speak to appropriate referees who have a sound knowledge of the educator we are referencing. For Early Childhood Referee tips, click HERE.


Experienced Teachers

Once you have held a contract or ongoing position within a school you will need to look at securing referees of a Principal level (this includes Assistant, Deputy, Vice Principals and equivalent). You should also be able to provide your direct supervisor (Head/s of Department, Year Level Coordinator, Team Leader or equivalent).

Graduate Teachers

The best and most relevant referees for a graduate teacher are your mentor/supervising teachers. Other relevant referees may be teachers you have also planned and taught with or leaders within the school that have observed you conducting lessons and interacting with the school community.

Casual Relief Teachers

It can be more difficult to maintain current referees as a casual relief teacher, but the best referees are still Principal class or senior leadership referees. If you are looking to transition into a long-term role or branch out into some new schools or sign on with a new agency you will need to provide referees. Some general advice would be to speak to the Principal or Assistant Principal of the school/s you work at most frequently and perhaps ask if they are able to observe you teaching a few lessons to enable them to speak about your teaching practice if called upon to provide a reference.

Returning Teachers

Returning to the classroom after an extended period can be a challenging and frustrating process. In an ideal situation you would be returning to an ongoing role at a school or perhaps have been able to work on a casual or part-time basis over the years to keep up your connections and maintain your skills. The referee expectation is still the same for a returning teacher.


Relevant referees for Principals are your Principal mentors, area supervisors or Principals that you have previously reported to.

Education Support/Teaching Assistants

There are a range of people that you can use as a referee when applying for a role in education support. The most relevant would be teachers that have seen you at work in the classroom or supervisors that can attest to your ability to work with individuals with disabilities.


For Early Childhood referee tips, click HERE