Travelling to the UK from New Zealand: November 2021 Update   

Currently travelling to the United Kingdom isn’t as simple as just packing your bag and checking in at the airport – there are a few more steps involved and it’s important you are up to date with the requirements. 

We’ll discuss each of the following points & also provide updates from the New Zealand & UK Governments:   

  • United Kingdom: Current situation  
  • Can I leave New Zealand & enter the UK?  
  • How do I apply for a travel exemption? 
  • Can I return to New Zealand?  
  • Australian Vaccine program 
  • Need support with your visa?  
  • anzuk and you 


United Kingdom: Current situation  

Currently, the UK Government has removed most social distancing restrictions & opened almost all of society, allowing for life to adapt to a new normal.   

Nearly 90% of the adult population have received two Covid-19 vaccine doses. The NHS Covid Pass is currently in place across England, allowing for travel abroad to many European countries, alongside attending local events & venues.   

Currently, schools have remained open since April of this year & are operating with Covid-19 safe plans & hygiene strategies in place.  

UK Goverment: Coronavirus (COVID19) Updates   


Can I leave New Zealand and enter the UK?  

Yes, it is possible to leave New Zealand and enter the UK.  Currently, the UK government does not have its borders closed and Commonwealth citizens can still apply for visas. It is important to stay updated with the UK travel restrictions that may affect your journey:  UK Government: Red, amber, green lists   

If you are fully vaccinated & travelling to England, yo you will need to:

  • Book & pay for an approved Covid-19 test to be taken before the end of your 2nd day in the country and you will need to self-isolate until you have received a negative result.
  • Complete a passenger locator form 48 hours before you arrive in England.

If you are fully vaccinated & travelling to Wales, there are slightly different requirements. People arriving in Wales who have been in a red list country in the previous 10 days, must follow the rules for arriving from a red list country.

People arriving in Wales, from a country not on the red list, who are fully vaccinated must:

Although it is possible to enter the UK unvaccinated, you will find a lot of airlines will not allow you to fly unless you are fully vaccinated. Not being fully vaccinated will also limit the work availability and your travel options, with isolation restrictions for unvaccinated in place in most countries.  

Request proof of vaccination from New Zealand 


Can I return to New Zealand?   

If you decide to or need to return to New Zealand within the coming months, it may be challenging to do so as there are a large amount New Zealand residents currently seeking to return to New Zealand and MIQ places are very limited.   

Under the current restrictions, you would be required to complete managed isolation for 7 days upon your return to New Zealand in MIQ, followed by isolation at home until the result of a day 9 test has been received.    

It is important to be present with these points as you plan your trip & keep up to date with the relevant advice from the government website. 

Plan your travel back to New Zealand 


Need support with your visa?   

anzuk Visa Support Service can assist with your visa application for the UK.   


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