Some of you may never of heard of cover supervising prior to arriving in the UK. It is a popular role within the education system and most schools will hire at least 1 full time cover supervisor.

You need to be a strong character for this role, and that’s not just to manage the classroom behaviour but also to be confident in delivering set work left by the teacher. Cover supervisors were originally introduced as a way of maintaining teachers free periods but have now become a permanent fixture in schools. Cover supervising can be a rewarding job and a useful way of getting experience in the classroom for those with teaching ambitions.

A cover supervisors main job is to manage a classroom, ensuring that students remain on task with the work they have been set. The below guide, written by one of our regular cover supervisors, is to support with your decision or transition into becoming a supervisor. If you require any further information, please contact your consultant ASAP.

An introduction to being a cover supervisor