If there’s one tip you should know as a early childhood educator it’s to be prepared. If you’re in need of some help in preparing for your next day of EC work let Lauren from our EC team at anzuk take you through her work prep essentials…


Prep your bag, Prep your mind

The night before….

Put a folder together with your relevant qualifications, timesheets, WWCC etc..

Keep this in your car or work bag.


Morning of…

If you are awake and are eager for work jump up get ready and log onto Ready 2 Work, this will move straight to the top of our search and you will hopefully get a call for a shift and already be ready to leave when we call. 


Mental Preparation…

If you had plans and were called for a shift and you are burdened by having to cancel these plans, please decline the shift or you must leave this at the door.

The more organised you are for future shifts the better you will feel, if you are not prepared then you are setting yourself up for unnecessary stress 


Arriving at the Service…

Always introduce yourself and where you are from 

Good Morning I’m Lauren I’m from anzuk I will be your Diploma qualified reliever today.

Familiarise yourself with the service and relevant information, seek procedures, emergency evacuation procedures, allergies etc

Ask relevant questions


End of Day…

As your shift is coming to an end make sure there is nothing that you need to do before the shift ends, offer your support to other educators 

Get your timesheet signed by the appropriate staff member of the service

Say goodbye and thank the educators for the day. 


Pass on any feedback you feel relevant to your anzuk consultant 😊