Daniel is a Team Leader based in anzuk London. Over the past three years, Daniel has facilitated hundreds of teaching interviews over Skype, 8/10 of those being successful! If securing a role before you jump on the plane is high on the agenda for you, take note of Daniels 3 Key Points below!

1.      What to consider if you are planning a Skype interview.

Skype interviews are becoming more and more prevalent in our global education climate, as well as with the increase in technology and that six degrees of separation becoming smaller and smaller. UK Schools use Skype interviews to meet and greet overseas candidates in order to expand their reach, however the most important aspect for them is to get a feel for what kind of teacher/person you are. It is important to keep this in mind when interviewing, as social cues and responses to questions are what your interviewers will be looking for.

2.      How to make a good virtual impression.

Think ‘business up the top, party at the bottom’! You want to look visually pleasing, and this means everything from dress (professional office attire) to the location of where you are skyping from (preferably not the bathroom or a nightclub!). Please keep in mind that technology is great, but may lag at times so it is a good idea to actively listen first, pause and then respond.

3.      Planning and preparation.

Rule number one, make sure you have studied the school website as a bare minimum! Areas to look for are what the school day looks like, the values or vision and message from the Head Teacher, and possibly a quick look through the latest OFSTED report although not essential as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. This is a great chance to have 2-3 questions about the school to ask when prompted, which enables you to gather more information or clarify anything you are unsure about, but it also shows a genuine interest in working at the school from your end.


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