Skodel is the leading emotional education platform for schools. 

Via an engaging ‘Check-In’Skodel creates a moment for students to reflect on how they are feeling and provides immediate support to help them manage that feeling. This helps build the emotional literacy of students and sets them on a path toward greater self awareness and good mental health. Schools and teachers benefit from a simple dashboard including analysed wellbeing data, to quickly and easily inform action and wellbeing planning. 

MyConcern and Skodel now work seamlessly together to give greater pupil engagement and a pupil voice, which makes managing student wellbeing and safeguarding more comprehensive than ever. 

Students ‘Check-in’ via Skodel to let their teachers know how they’re feeling, which is recorded instantly on the school platform. When a Check-In is received that raises a concern, this can be immediately sent to MyConcern, significantly reducing workload and directing resources more effectively. 

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