On Friday March 20th 2020, the UK government officially announced school closures until further notice in response to COVID-19. This global pandemic has effected many of those in the workforce, particularly Educators across the globe.

While providing exceptional educators is the reason we exist, the global COVID-19 outbreak has allowed us time to reflect on the key areas where we can support our educators who many have now found themselves out of work. With that in mind, we have decided to invest more time and resources into virtual learning with the intention to also support parents who may have found themselves with added pressure to educate children from home. Continue to read below why we believe virtual learning can hugely benefit both teachers and parents over the next few months of uncertainty.


For Teachers:

During this time of uncertainty anzuk are determined to keep providing exceptional experiences and work opportunities for our educators. With schools across the UK being closed to the majority of students there is a huge pressure on parents to be home schooling whilst also working from home. To help parents manage their time and ensure students are still learning we have launched our home tutoring service.

This unique situation provides you the opportunity to up-skill yourself in virtual schooling. anzuk will create and mange an online profile for each educator and facilitate access to parent groups within our community and beyond. Each educator will be provided with relevant resources and useful links to help with home schooling and will have a designated anzuk consultant working on their behalf. If you are new to anzuk and are interested in registering for this tutoring service, please click here to register for work. If you are currently registered and active with anzuk Education as a supply Teacher, ensure your Ready2Work app is up to date with your availability. This will allow us to contact you accurately for future tutoring bookings.


For Parents: 

anzuk have a proud reputation in the education recruitment industry and have provided exceptional experiences for our educators and schools for 15 years. We have a worldwide reach with offices across Australia, New Zealand, America and the UK and specialise in providing global teaching opportunities for our educators.  We place students at the centre of every decision that we make and ensure we are providing the right educator for the right student and school. With the unique situation we currently find ourselves in, anzuk have an abundance of educators that are still determined to help make a difference and provide education support to students, as well as provide much needed respite for parents as they juggle the stresses of working from home and home schooling! We are able to provide qualified teachers across all primary and secondary age groups and subjects for hourly online tuition. We also have subject specialists qualified to degree level.
Our educators are able to provide their own subject content or would be happy to teach what has been provided by the school. They are available to teach online one-to-one or you could partner up with other parents from your students class and organise a group lesson.
Please contact anzuk on 0203 384 6110 for a friendly consultation with one of our specialist consultants. They will take down a detailed description of your requirements and ensure they match you up with the most suitable educator for your child’s needs.


A final message from us

We are committed to ensuring there is clear communication on any movements due to our online tutoring service and how that continues to evolve with the ever changing current climate, this will be via email, sms and social networking sites. Please be assured; exceptional education experiences is at the forefront of our decision making, and we are doing everything we can to ensure educators, schools and parents are fully supported within our control. Most importantly our team are committed to supporting your health and well-being and we appreciate everything you have done to support learning experiences so far in 2020.