We caught up with two of anzuk’s amazing educators, Lachlan and Aidan, to chat about various teaching resources available that will help support your teaching now during school closures, and also will help get your teacher brain ready to go back into the classroom after COVID.  Below is the webinar transcript, however if you would prefer to watch the video, stroll down to the bottom of this page!


Especially amidst school closures, teachers have been turning to online tools in order to effectively teach and communicate with their students. Platforms for group video calls such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams are helping to facilitate virtual classrooms. And teachers are turning to online resources even more than before in order to effectively teach remotely and help make learning fun, meaningful and engaging.  

 Interactive games, where children can log on and play with or against their classmates, go a long way to help children feel like they are still learning amongst friends despite being stuck at home. We think these are especially great for mathsCheck out Hit the Button – a quickfire maths game that will strengthen multiplication and division skills. There are also amazing resources children can use alone or with friends, such as Snapshot Writing – a tool that comes up with sentence starters.  

 We’ve compiled an Online resources pack! We’ve broken it down into different subjects, and there’s some pretty great tools and websites in there. Let’s use technology to our advantage and keep children learning at home. To give you aidea of what we’re talking about, here are a few of our favourite resources that will help your teaching now AND when schools re-open 

  • Twinkl 
  • BBC Bitesize  
  • BBC Newsround  
  • Kahoot  
  • Gonoodle  
  • Khan academy  
  • Mathletics  
  • Bug club 
  • Busy bees 
  • Nrich.maths.org (countdown)  


Lastly, we will continue to host Team Teach training at our offices across the UK. Team Teach is accredited, award-winning, positive behaviour management training – recognized and used in schools in over 20 countries worldwide. It’s very effective training for those working with children with mild, moderate and severe levels of autism, ADHD, or SEMH. 95% focuses on utilising proven de-escalation techniques in classroom, whereas the remaining 5% focuses on executing safe and effective forms of restraint when necessary to ensure they do not hurt themselves or anyone around them. We offer this training free of charge at anzuk, and will get this up and running again during school holidays when we it’s safe to do so!  

If you know of a great resource that we’ve missed out, send us a message on instagram @anzuk.edcuation.uk , or email your consultant and let them know! The more resources available, the better.  


anzuk UK_ UK Curriculum & Teaching Resources from anzuk Education on Vimeo.